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How to make half finger gloves?

half finger gloves

Recently such article of clothing as half finger gloves has become very popular. They are mostly worn by representatives of different subcultures, but not necessarily. Such gloves look quite unusual and extraordinary and they can become a staple part of the wardrobe of anyone who likes to be bright and stand out of the crowd. Also, half finger gloves are worn by anime and manga characters, as well as by movie and series characters. They make male characters cool and add brutality to their image and emphasize female charactersí elegance. How come one and the same article of clothing performs such contrary functions? Itís all about material and design. Half finger gloves may be made for men and women, for fighters and for dancers; they may be made out of leather or silk, be plane or decorated in a sophisticated way.

Disregarding the character of the event where you wear them (anime festival, cosplay, rock concert, etc.) they are still the same half fingers gloves. Taking into consideration versatility of this item I decided not to go into details in this manual but to describe how to make the basis for such gloves. Everything else - choice of material and additional decorative elements - is up to you.

Ok, letís get down to work. Iíd like to mention at the very beginning: the way of making gloves with no fingers is very close to the way of making regular gloves. Thatís why I strongly recommend you to read the manual about making regular gloves first.

We donít need a lot of stuff:

- Fabric (maybe leather or even fur, to your liking) to make the gloves;

- Paper (to print out the patterns);

- Threads, needles and other things for sewing.

To begin with, as usually, copy the patterns and print them out, having increased them according to the size of your hand. This is described in detail in the manual about making regular gloves.

patterns of half finger gloves

Ď—„ŤŠí Ė folding line.

When you are done with that, outline the patterns on the fabric. Remember, folding line divides the pattern into two parts which are mirror reflections of each other. You can fold the pattern in half and cut it out this way. Donít make a hole for the finger on the other part of the glove.

Neatly fold the edges and stitch them. This will prevent unraveling and make gloves look nicer. After that simply sew all the details together, using the marks on the patterns as guidelines. Match the letters of different parts of patterns.

When outlining patterns for different gloves on fabric, keep in mind, that gloves are mirror images, therefore patterns must be placed in the same way (like mirror images), so that you wonít end up with two gloves for the right hand, for example.

Well, the basis is ready. You may change the pattern a little bit and make a slit, apply lace or a rose. You may make them look more brutal, sewing additional elements on them as well. This way or another, they remain handmade half finger gloves.

Hereís what I got. I am sure, your pair will look much better: I made this in a hurry, just to illustrate the manual.

half finger gloves
half finger gloves 1
half finger gloves 2

Fay D. 03.02.12